Sedation Dentistry in Oklahoma City

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Enjoy A Stress-Free Experience With Sedation Dentistry

Moore Dentistry & Braces understands that a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety. As part of our commitment to compassionate dental care, we provide our Oklahoma City community with multiple sedation options so that you or your loved ones can remain calm, safe, and stress-free throughout your treatment. From General Dentistry to root canals, we have accessible sedation options that will work for you!

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For patients who do not mind standard dental procedures without sedation, the added time and expense are not typically recommended. For patients who are extremely anxious about dentistry, maybe even to the point of having put it off for long periods, sedation may be just the key. Patients with extensive work to be done and very young patients are also good candidates for sedation dentistry. It gives peace of mind, while giving your dentist freedom to use the most efficient techniques, without concern about worrying or frightening you. Work is often done more quickly with less pain afterward, using this technique.

Each case is completely unique. We will tailor our approach to meet your emotional and physical needs. We work with methods that exclude the use of needles, to make it as comfortable as possible. Each of our staff is thoroughly trained and educated and we work using only protocols and techniques that have proven safe through use with millions of patients worldwide. Once you are thoroughly sedated at the level required for the procedure and your needs, the procedure is completed. Sedation is maintained throughout the procedure and you're allowed to wake and recover in a calm and welcoming environment once the work is complete.

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